Automation Events in 2020 are Still Online

Automation Events Still Online for 2020

As we move to wrap up 2020, there are few automation events remaining in the year. For all we’ve missed with physical events – the networking, the physical booths, and more – virtual events have their advantages. While physical events have hard end dates, many virtual events offer up most of their event for weeks (or months) after the official event is over.

While we wait for the major automation players to decide on their event strategies for 2021, you can still visit several major automation events online. In these events, you’ll find keynote presentations, technical discussions, and more. One thing should stand out to you – virtual commissioning, simulation, and model-based development practices are really making their way to center stage – especially in a year where on-site engineering has been limited by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are a few of our favorite automation events from 2020, and some of the content from these events that you’ll want to see before they’re gone.

Rockwell Automation Fair At Home

One of Rockwell’s largest events of the year – Automation Fair – only recently finished back in November. The weeklong event showcased new technologies from Rockwell and their partners, and played host to hundreds of technical discussions, presentations, and new product announcements.

We recently covered Rockwell’s event, and talked about our most anticipated technologies and products in the virtual commissioning space.

You can revisit Automation Fair At Home until June 2021. Check out Maplesoft’s on-demand technical discussion (PT-48) on optimizing control strategies with model-based virtual commissioning using MapleSim and Rockwell’s Studio 5000 Design Environment.

PACK EXPO Connects

Wrapping up earlier this November, PACK EXPO Connects showcased a huge amount of new technology this year – over 2000 technology demonstrations were delivered at this event.

While this event covered technologies much broader than simply virtual commissioning, you’ll be sure to find something in here relevant to you. A key automation tool for process-based virtual commissioning – Emulate3D – is nicely demonstrated at this event. Check out their demonstration to learn more about digital twins for process-based simulation and production.

You can visit PACK EXPO Connects until the end of March in 2021.

Autodesk University 2020

Straying slightly from an explicitly “automation” event, Autodesk University 2020 is definitely worth a mention due to the amount of technology and thought leadership they bring together for their events.

In their virtual event for 2020, Autodesk brought together leaders from all arms of their business – and digital twins took the stage alongside other technologies this year.

As you browse through the over 750 talks available to you, take a look at the David Weir-McCall’s theater talk – A Deep Dive into Digital Twins. You’ll notice that he’s speaking about digital twins a little differently than we do here, but this is only evidence of the broad scope of their usage. David goes into detail about how many information streams, such as sensor data, can be fed into digital twin development to get deep insight into product behavior at all stages of development.

Did we miss any events that are still serving out their talks? Let us know in the comments. Otherwise, hold tight for 2021 – we’ll be back together at an event sometime next year.


Graham Jackson

Graham Jackson is a Technical Marketing Manager at Maplesoft. A nanotechnology engineer by education, he’s got a broad background in new technologies across domains. Graham has spent most of his career communicating technical concepts to those outside of the R&D department, and building support for system-level approaches to modeling and simulation.

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