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Here you will find a collection of articles, podcasts, videos and more exploring virtual commissioning for machine design. Presented by Maplesoft, VirtualCommissioning.com brings together industry leaders and those at the cutting-edge of technology to examine the current landscape of virtual commissioning, as well as project where the industry is headed.

Maplesoft believes that virtual commissioning is of critical importance to the machine design industry. While we obviously have a commercial interest in publishing and maintaining this blog, it is not intended to be solely about our solutions. There will be some of that for sure, but we are committed to working with a variety of thought leaders and practitioners in the space in order to provide a comprehensive view, and to hopefully provide a valuable online resource.

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What is virtual commissioning?
Alex Beilby - Editor of VirtualCommissioning.com

About the Editor

Alex Beilby is the Editor-in-Chief of VirtualCommissioning.com.

With a career spanning supply chain operations and designing IT data systems, Alex is the Technical Marketing Manager at Maplesoft, building support for system-level approaches to modeling and simulation. Alex has a Masters degree in Mathematical Engineering and enjoys staying up to date with the ever-changing use of math and engineering software tools in automation and design.

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