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Digital Twins for Mechatronics

Using Digital Twins for Mechatronics

This is a case study that was originally published at – visit their site to see the full story. In almost every aspect of life today, new and complex technologies exist to improve...

Using Digital Twins

Using Digital Twins after the Pandemic

By all accounts, many of us are in the homestretch of the COVID-19 pandemic. While certain countries continue to experience rising cases, the overall picture is now one of mass-vaccinations, improved treatments, and optimism....

Getting to Mars with Digital Twins

Getting to Mars with Digital Twins

Earlier this month, NASA celebrated the successful landing of their most complicated rover yet – Perseverance. If you were following along, you might be shocked at how smoothly everything went for landing. It would...

Types of Digital Twins for Simulations

Types of Digital Twins – Finding your Fit

Which types of digital twins make the most sense for your project? If you were to simply search for digital twins online, you’ll soon find that there’s many different versions of the concept –...