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Top 5 reasons your automation projects need simulation

Top 5 Reasons Your Automation Projects Need Simulation

At this point in 2020, you’d be hard-pressed to attend an industrial automation conference without seeing “simulation” and “virtual commissioning” dotted across technical sessions, keynote speeches, and exhibitor messaging. The increase of this language...

Software for smart connected products

Developing Software for Production Systems vs. Smart, Connected Products

In our hyper-digitized times, more companies than ever before employ software in smart, connected products. For some, that software drives automation in complex production systems in manufacturing, packaging, and other factory environments. For others,...

What is the value of virtual commissioning?

Video Post: What is the Value of Virtual Commissioning?

What’s the Value of Virtual Commissioning? Let’s talk about that next. Okay, so what is the value of virtual commissioning? So I think to have a good rounded conversation around this, we really need...