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Chad Jackson

Chad Jackson

As Chief Analyst, Chad Jackson leads Lifecycle Insights’ research and thought leadership programs, attends and speaks at industry events, and reviews emerging technology solutions. As CEO, Chad defines Lifecycle Insights’ vision and change initiatives. Chad’s twenty-five-year career has focused on improving executives’ ability to reap value from technology-led initiatives. He has surveyed thousands of manufacturers, produced hundreds of research and thought leadership publications, and presented dozens of times domestically and internationally. He imparts an influential, independent, and insightful voice on the industry’s transition to smart, connected products.

digital twins and virtual commissioning

The Blurring Line between Virtual Commissioning and Digital Twins

This article is a republish of our original article from April 2020, and was one of our most popular. Take another look this week if you haven’t read this article before! FMI, IoT, AR,...

Manufacturing in the Pandemic

Manufacturing in the Pandemic: How to Shift to a Remote Workforce

The pandemic has impacted every aspect of our daily lives, as social distancing measures and repeated lockdowns have kept us all apart. We’ve all had to accept a new normal – manufacturing in the...

Challenges to Virtual Commissioning

Challenges to Virtual Commissioning

What are some of the biggest challenges to virtual commissioning? Let’s talk about that next.  Okay, so what are some of the biggest challenges when you go to deploy a virtual commissioning type of...

Use Cases for the Digital Twin

Use Cases for the Digital Twin: From Planning to Operations

There’s no doubt about it: digital twins are becoming more popular across multiple industries. Today, use cases for the digital twin are found throughout the whole range of activities from planning to operation. What...

Smart Manufacturing Acquire Skills

Smart Manufacturing: How to Acquire the Skills you Need to Succeed

Whether you refer to it as smart manufacturing or Industry 4.0, one thing is clear: This emerging—and evolving—field is here to stay. With heralded benefits like improved productivity, efficiency, and quality across production, smart...

Digital Transformation and Virtual Commissioning Video

Digital Transformation and Virtual Commissioning

How does virtual commissioning play into digital transformation? It’s a term almost everybody is using nowadays. Let’s talk about that next. So, let’s talk about digital transformation and virtual commissioning. They’re both initiatives, although...

VR and AR used for virtual commissioning

Using VR and AR for Virtual Commissioning

Virtual commissioning is a valuable strategy that helps manufacturers optimize their production lines and expedite innovation. This process validates the operation of control system software against models of physical production systems or machines, freeing...

Adopting virtual commissioning

Why are Manufacturers Adopting Virtual Commissioning?

Technology is driving dramatic transformation in the manufacturing sector. The rise of the internet of things (IoT), automation, advancing digitization, and electrification are propelling the industry forward and helping manufacturers deliver a vast range...

how to get started with virtual commissioning

How to Get Started with Virtual Commissioning

Virtual commissioning adds real value to savvy organizations. It uses simulation approaches to test production systems in the virtual world, before companies commission systems physically. Engineers are free to explore and optimize new ideas...

Smart factory

Understanding The Smart Factory Initiative

The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere. Products are undergoing a period of mass digitalization, with physical devices increasingly connecting to the online world and gathering and sharing data to help people optimize their...