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Charlotte Turnbull

Charlotte Turnbull is the Editor-in-Chief of and Customer Success Engineer at Maplesoft. Charlotte holds an undergraduate degree in computer science and a master’s degree in biomedical engineering.

using a Digital Twin for machines that manage liquids

Case Study: Motor Sizing with a Digital Twin

For over 40 years, Stoppil Industrie has created machinery for managing liquids during manufacturing. Stoppil was initially founded as a small company that produced water flow meters and now produces an entire range of filling,...

Automation Industry Trends 2020

Automation Industry Trends for 2020

I had the opportunity to sit down with our resident experts in the automation industry: Chris Harduwar, VP of Business Development at Maplesoft, and Chad Schmitke, Director of MapleSim Development. We had a great...

Automation Events 2020

Automation Events of 2020

If you’re in the automation industry, it’s no secret that you want to be at the right trade shows and events to expand your business. Attending trade shows can provide your company with opportunities...

Predictive Maintenance: Getting the most out of your Digital Twin

Predictive Maintenance: Getting the most out of your Digital Twin

 In manufacturing, most companies are already following a preventive maintenance schedule, but introducing a predictive maintenance strategy saves time and reduces costs. As an example, first consider the economy car you may have purchased...

Digital Twin: top 5 Benefits

Top 5 Benefits of Digital Twins

In the age of Industry 4.0, digital twins help bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. A digital twin is a dynamic, virtual representation of a corresponding physical product. These models range...

Rockwell Automation Fair 2019 in Chicago, IL

Three Reasons You Should Attend Rockwell Automation Fair 2019

Are you an Automation expert looking to expand your network? Or are looking you looking for the latest technology for your company? The Automation Fair by Rockwell Automation is the automation event of the...

What is virtual commissioning?

What is Virtual Commissioning?

In the simplest terms, virtual commissioning is the practice of using “virtual” simulation technology to “commission”—design, install or test—control software with a virtual machine model before you connect it to the real system. While...