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Graham Jackson is a contributor to A nanotechnology engineer by education, he’s got a broad background in new technologies across domains. Graham has spent most of his career communicating technical concepts to those outside of the R&D department, and building support for system-level approaches to modeling and simulation.

Virtual Commissioning Survey

A Virtual Commissioning Survey

Over the last couple years, we’ve covered all the ins and outs of both digital twins and virtual commissioning. Now, it’s time to hear from our community, with a virtual commissioning survey! Take a...

Optimizing Control Strategies

Optimizing Control Strategies For Less

Out of all the use cases for virtual commissioning, optimizing control strategies is a topic that gets a lot of coverage. We’ve spoken before about how this can be done – and why it...

Getting to Mars with Digital Twins

Getting to Mars with Digital Twins

Earlier this month, NASA celebrated the successful landing of their most complicated rover yet – Perseverance. If you were following along, you might be shocked at how smoothly everything went for landing. It would...

New Virtual Commissioning Technology

Keeping Up with New Virtual Commissioning Technology

There’s a lot going on in the world of manufacturing and automation these days. New virtual commissioning technology is allowing us to reduce development costs, improve our workflows, and ship better machines to customers....

Developing Robot Models

Developing Robot Models with Digital Twins

This week, we’re highlighting a case study from ABB Robotics. They were developing robot models, using digital twin to speed up their development processes. The tool used by ABB for model creation was MapleSim...

Fixing Motor Burnout

Fixing Motor Burnout with Digital Twins

Last week, we looked at how virtual commissioning could offer a cheaper, faster way to fix machine vibration issues. Fundamentally, this post outlined how digital twins (and virtual commissioning) offer you much more than...

Fixing Machine Vibration Issues

Fixing Machine Vibration Issues for Less

Most of the time here, we talk about virtual commissioning as the means to improve design workflows and embrace future design trends. That’s all true – virtual commissioning is a key technology for manufacturing...

Optimizing Machine Design

Optimizing Machine Design with a Digital Twin

Last week, we used an example to demonstrate how to create a digital twin that can be used for machine-level design improvements, and ultimately become the test platform for virtual commissioning. Before getting right...

Creating a Digital Twin

Creating a Digital Twin – Step by Step

For most workflows that use virtual commissioning, creating a digital twin is the first step you’ll need to take. This digital twin can take several different forms, so depending on your application, certain digital...

Understanding Virtual Commissioning

Understanding Virtual Commissioning: A Brief History

Many of our readers are familiar with the general concept of virtual commissioning, and have an understanding of its applications across industries. However, in the pursuit of understanding virtual commissioning in all of its...