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Graham Jackson is a Technical Marketing Manager at Maplesoft. A nanotechnology engineer by education, he’s got a broad background in new technologies across domains. Graham has spent most of his career communicating technical concepts to those outside of the R&D department, and building support for system-level approaches to modeling and simulation.

Virtual Commissioning with Rockwell Automation

Virtual Commissioning with Rockwell Automation

How does it look to implement virtual commissioning with Rockwell Automation hardware and software? Depending on the tools you use for machine design, the specific ways to adopt virtual commissioning will look different. As...

Types of Digital Twins for Simulations

Types of Digital Twins – Finding your Fit

Which types of digital twins make the most sense for your project? If you were to simply search for digital twins online, you’ll soon find that there’s many different versions of the concept –...

The ROI of Virtual Commissioning

How to Calculate the ROI of Virtual Commissioning

Return on investment (ROI) calculations are notoriously difficult. But as budget constraints grow ever tighter in every industry, these calculations are increasingly essential. How can we try and calculate the ROI of virtual commissioning?...

Virtual Events in Automation for 2020

Virtual Events in Automation for 2020

Virtual events are the new normal for 2020, and the automation industry has shifted many events online this year. While virtual events in automation aren’t quite the same as the traditional events we’re used...

Paths to Value - Virtual Commissioning

What are the Paths to Value for Virtual Commissioning?

Virtual commissioning provides manufacturers with many paths to value, including a range of proven and tangible time, cost, and resource benefits. Through the provision of this simulation framework, manufacturers can reduce the timescales associated...

A Virtual Commissioning Example: Increasing Output by 25%

Many people have heard the benefits of virtual commissioning by now – increased output, cheaper commissioning costs, and higher-performing machines. These benefits sound great on paper, but they’re only real when we see examples...

changes for virtual commissioning

Changes to Practices and Processes in Virtual Commissioning

Virtual commissioning is the practice of using simulation and modeling to test and verify new production systems, or proposed changes to existing ones. In virtual commissioning, manufacturers debug the logic and programming of HMI...

material handling system emulate3d virtual commissioning

Virtual Commissioning for Material Handling Systems

An Interview with Emulate3D, a Rockwell Automation company In the ever-evolving world of automation machinery, model-based technologies are finding their way into more and more aspects of design and production. For some, these models...

Top 5 reasons your automation projects need simulation

Top 5 Reasons Your Automation Projects Need Simulation

At this point in 2020, you’d be hard-pressed to attend an industrial automation conference without seeing “simulation” and “virtual commissioning” dotted across technical sessions, keynote speeches, and exhibitor messaging. The increase of this language...